TUNNEL Lenses for 5050 LEDs

LED Lenses for street and wide area lighting projects

TUNNEL Lenses are optics that Khatod has specifically designed for outdoor LED lighting applications, especially for tunnels lighting projects and for most popular 5050 package LEDs.

AS229701TNxSA is a single lens with dimensions 25mm x 25mm side, provided with self-adhesive while the lens AS229704TNx has a linear modular design which consists of 4-in-a-row lenses with 25mm x 140mm side with easy cut system. 

The family includes two Counterbeam optics for tunnel entrance lighting and an oval symmetric beam for tunnel permanent lighting. Made of optical grade PMMA HT, high lighting efficiency and excellent light distribution are guaranteed

Can be used individually or configured in multiple parts so to create the perfect lighting fixture to meet the required standards.

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