Silicone lenses

Silicone LED optical solutions for indoor and outdoor LED lighting projects

The LEDs of latest generationHigh Brightness LEDs – achieve very high temperatures which could put strain on the conventional polymers such as PMMI, PMMA and PC.

Khatod is also synonymous of guarantee to produce silicone lenses for LED lighting projects.
Thanks to its advanced solutions, it offers valid and safe alternatives even in the most challenging contexts for the following reasons:

  • Silicone is much more resistant to high temperatures 
  • Silicone considerably reduces the yellowing effect, so making perfect for the outdoor applications
  • No extra protection is needed, as for example glass in case of head-pole 
  • No gasket for IP insulation is needed 
  • As an isotropic material, Silicone provides with high flexibility which allows an easy fit to the final application
  • As an elastomer, Silicone provides a perfect compensation for the construction mechanical tolerances typical of the final application 

We are pioneers of silicone lenses, exclusive to optical systems for LED, thanks to constant Research & Development and the focus on innovation that has always distinguished us. Besides, SIO3 lenses made of LSR silicone, launched in 2012, have been the world’s first range of silicone lenses for HB & COB LEDs; winners of many international awards.

Khatod perfected a specific transformation process enabling to realize our unique silicone lenses.