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Over 6200 models from stock for your optical solutions for LED Lighting projects

Khatod offers you a wide range of standard optical solutions for LEDs. The models currently in stock are over 6200 and include optical systems and reflectors for the most popular LEDs, ideal for any types of applications in the field of LED lighting.

All our standard models are the result of the exclusive production processes, made exclusively with top-quality certified raw materials, such as PMMA (HT), PC, PMMI, ULTRA-CLEAR SILICONE (LSR), and equipped with excellent finishes.

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Why choose Khatod for its standard LED solutions

Choosing Khatod for your standard optical solutions for LEDs means to take all the advantages of top-of-the-range solutions, the result of the careful selection of high quality and certified raw materials.

Besides, Khatod branded stock solutions are always a guarantee of excellence: all our optics are in fact designed, inspected and tested with the support of the best precision tools on the market.

Finally, a few words about versatility: with thousands of products in the catalogue, we are able to satisfy the most various needs and concretely contribute to the performance and prestige of your lighting project.

Among our most appreciated standard optical solutions for LED Lighting

PL1672UN - Ultra Narrow Lens

Single Lenses for Power LEDs – 35mm diameter – 20.71mm height – 3° FWHM Ultra Narrow Punch Beam Lens

Snail lenses - Elliptical beam and silicone optics

Silicone Lens for windows and doors applications – 40.00mm x 66.00mm side – 27.74mm height


Narrow Beam to Ultra-Wide Beam and an outstanding Asymmetrical Beam


Narrow Beam, Asymmetrical Beam and Symmetric Beam

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