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Since 1985, We Manufacture Solutions



The company was founded as Eurotroniks, it produces optical components by injection moulding: optoelectronic devices for automotive, military, household appliance applications; lenses for industrial applications.

Increasing of the production capability

Eurotroniks developed extensive design and production capabilities to deliver standard and custom-made solutions for the first High-Brightness LEDs such as Lightguides and panels indicators.


Born Khatod Optoelectronic

Eurotroniks Production and R&D merged into Khatod Optoelectronic, a new brand dedicated to the development and manufacturing of optical systems, specifically developed for the emerging Solid-State Lighting.

Specialization in the engineering and manufacturing of Secondary Optics

Khatod starts its specialization in the engineering and manufacturing of Secondary Optics for Solid State Lighting: from lenses for the first generation of LED Lighting applications up to the latest cutting-edge optical solutions, boasting advanced optical engineering, rising to the challenge and matching the more and more sophisticated and demanding applications in LED Lighting.


New facility

To support the ever-growing market trend, the company moved to a new 3700 sqm facility, increasing its production capability. This was a milestone in Khatod’s affirmation as a leading manufacturer in the worldwide scenario.

Khatod starts to focus on custom-made solutions

Khatod’s commitment to invest in high-skilled engineers and cutting-edge machines helped to stand out as a leader in custom-made solutions.


The first manufacturer in the world to produce silicone LED lenses

As a result of an extensive R&D research, Khatod became the first manufacturer to engineer and produce silicone LED lenses. 

Khatod continuous its grow

Since January 2016, Khatod has expanded its facilities at all levels. The newest industrial complex – 28.700 sqm of advanced technology – is at disposal of anyone who has ambitious new projects to realize or is looking for ready-to-use solutions as efficient as custom-made optical solutions.


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