TANK Optical Systems for Power LEDs

Optical systems for the most demanding LED lighting applications in a wide range of environments

TANK is a perfect Optical Solution for LEDs designed by Khatod for meeting the most demanding LED Lighting applications in a wide range of environments. Construction, manufacturing, and Industrial areas as well as events and emergency operations areas, are some of the most common uses where Khatod TANK performs at its best.

TANK is available IP protected and is perfect to be used in light towers as well as in applications where portable lighting is required thanks to its versatility, the high level of reliability and the quality of the materials.

TANK optical systems are made with 36 optics and designed for the most popular Power LEDs. The range also includes optional silicone gasket for lenses, PCBs and LEDs on request.

Silicone Gasket for TANK Optical Systems

TANK Optical Systems for LEDs; Module dimensions: 171,98mm x 171,98mm side, 12,12mm height – NEMA 3

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