Fresnel Lens
21,90mm diameter – 1,50mm height
Realized in PC

– Indoor
– Indoor architectural & general lighting
– Indoor spotlights
– IR
– Office
– Spot lighting and projectors
– Table and floor lamps
– Task lighting
– Track systems

Refractive optics; special design: two off axis Fresnel lenses fixed together in one piece, through an only molding process; the lens surface is made of concentric grooves which allow reducing the mass and volume of material that is required to realize the typical curved surface of conventional lenses. a Fresnel lens performs as an imaging optic. It means that moving the light source from the on-axis focus to any intra-focal position you can get different beam apertures, from the narrowest (focus position) to the widest (lens vertex position). By using the lens in an intra-focal position you will never perceive the real image of the light source but you just see a real round beam.

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