Silicone Lens for High Power LEDs - 69.90mm diameter - 57.80mm height - 33° FWHM

Silicone Lens for High Power LEDs
69.90mm diameter - 57.80mm height
33° FWHM

Material = SILICONE for Lens, PC for Holder
Efficiency: Over 82%
Full angle at 50% from maximum: ~ 33°
Full angle at 10% from maximum: ~ 43°
The light spots here represented refer to tests carried out with LED Ostar Stage LERTDCY_S2WN ~875lm@LED@1000mA

Lens designed for Tunable White and full color applications
Lens Material: Silicone. Allows the use of high-power and high-wattage LEDs
Set to work with Osram Ostar Stage, 20W and 60W
Set to work with 9-LED Cluster, 6 colors
Offers the possibility to create custom LED clusters in different beam angles, able to perform and guarantee high luminous efficiency

PLL2066WISR Lens is supplied without the holder. The holder will be supplied on request under the KEL2066A and KEL2066B (Material: PC) part numbers.

-------------------------------------------------- Part Number -------------------------------------------------

PLL2066WISR [ Silicone Lens 33° FWHM ]
PLL2066WISR + KEL2066A + KEL2066B [ Silicone Lens 33° FWHM + Holder in PC ]

Why a lens made of SILICONE?
The LEDs of latest generation - High Brightness LEDs – achieve very high temperatures which
could put strain on the conventional polymers such as PMMI, PMMA and PC.
- Silicone is much more resistant to high temperatures
- Silicone considerably reduces the yellowing effect
- No extra protection, as for example glass cover
- As an isotropic material, Silicone provides PLL2066xxSR with high flexibility which allows an easy fit to the final application
- As an elastomer, Silicone provides a perfect compensation for the construction mechanical tolerances typical of the final application


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