Single Lenses for Power LEDs with Holder; Ultra Wide Beam "MODULARIS - Modular Lenses Systems"

Single Lenses for Power LEDs with Holder
21,50mm diameter - 11,40mm height - Ultra Wide Beam
"MODULARIS - Modular Lenses Systems"

KEPL1359B60 = Lens with White Holder
KEPL1359B60/01 = Lens with Black Holder
KEPL1359B60/02 = Lens with Clear Holder

- High lighting efficiency
- Excellent luminous flux
- Superior optical engineering for a perfect uniform light distribution
- Innovative design
- Easy fixing system to the PCB
- No vibration problems
- Complying with UL94 Specifications
- UV protected
- Architectural lighting
- Wall Washing
- Lamps
- Bike lights
- Most applications where a compact light source is required
- Any application requiring placement of LEDs in narrow or recessed spaces, as well as in diverse LED configurations
Khatod Optics are a basic element to make your optical design real.
The right optical solution is fundamental for type and number of LEDs used in your design.
Advanced research, scientific rigour, great attention to the continuous evolution in LED Technology, have led Khatod to develop optical solutions performing an excellent, homogeneous luminous flux, and a high lighting efficiency.
The product we are proposing, is the result of Khatod’s superior engineering. It helps in reducing the costs while meeting the most demanding lighting specifications and applications.