Single Lenses for Power LEDs with Black Holder - Medium Beam

Single Lenses for Power LEDs with Black Holder
38.10mm diameter - 20.76mm height - Medium Beam

- High lighting efficiency
- Excellent luminous flux
- No vibration problems
- Free testing
- Superior optical engineering for a perfect uniform light distribution
- Innovative desig
- Easy fixing system to the PCB
- Complying with UL94 specifications
- UV Protected

Canopy Light - Petrol Gas Station Light, Hospitality lighting, Indoor, Indoor architectural & general lighting, Indoor ceiling mounted luminaires, Indoor pendant luminaires, Indoor recessed fixtures, Industrial Light - Commercial Light, IR, Lowbay, Office, Outdoor, Outdoor architectural, Outdoor floodlights, Security lighting, Table and floor lamps, Task lighting, Track systems, Wall washing / flood lighting / Totem Light, etc.