Fresnel Lenses for COB LEDs - Narrow, Medium, Wide and Extra Wide Beam

Fresnel Lenses for COB LEDs
81,80mm diameter - 11,24mm height - Narrow, Medium, Wide and Extra Wide Beam

PL1368 lens performs the quoted beam angles when mounted into KE1368 holder, at fixed heights.
KE1368 holder is available for testing on request.
PL1368 lens is able to perform many other beam angles when positioned at different heights other than the ones recommended onto KE1368 holder.

- Indoor
- Indoor architectural & general lighting
- Indoor spotlights
- IR
- Office
- Spot lighting and projectors
- Table and floor lamps
- Task lighting
- Track systems

Refractive optics; special design: two off axis Fresnel lenses fixed together in one piece, through an only molding process; the lens surface is made of concentric grooves which allow reducing the mass and volume of material that is required to realize the typical curved surface of conventional lenses. a Fresnel lens performs as an imaging optic. It means that moving the light source from the on-axis focus to any intra-focal position you can get different beam apertures, from the narrowest (focus position) to the widest (lens vertex position). By using the lens in an intra-focal position you will never perceive the real image of the light source but you just see a real round beam.