Single Lenses for Power LEDs - Wide Beam - Color Mixing

Single Lenses for Power LEDs
45,00mm diameter - 25,15mm height - Wide Beam - Colour Mixing

- Available with PL1564 Moving Lenslet Array (MLA), enabling zoom from 11° to 45° beam angle range
- Innovative design
- High optical efficiency over 90%
- Robust Mounting
- Perfect uniform flux
- Shadows or glare totally eliminated
- Easy fixing onto the PCB


- Canopy Light - Petrol Gas Station Light
- Color mixing optics
- Hospitality lighting
- Indoor
- Indoor architectural & general lighting
- Indoor ceiling mounted luminaires
- Indoor pendant luminaires
- Indoor recessed fixtures
- Industrial Light - Commercial Light
- IR
- Lowbay
- Office
- Outdoor
- Outdoor architectural
- Outdoor floodlights
- Security lighting
- Table and floor lamps
- Task lighting
- Track systems
- Wall washing / flood lighting

Lens material : Optical Grade PMMA
Operating temperature range : -40° C / +90° C
Storage temperature range : -40° C / +90° C

By positioning Khatod lenses onto the micro LEDs in Red, Green, Blue and White (RGBW) colors, a real perfect optical system providing an excellent color mixing is settled. Such optical systems are suitable for lighting items at short distance, because the light beams they produce do not transmit either UV rays or heat. They are particularly fit for close lighting such as shop windows, museum showcases, works of art, architectural and artistic details, etc. They are also recommended in the specific wall-washing lighting which requires a perfect uniform light beam.
Full range of Color Mixing Optics Equipped with PL1564 Moving Lenslet Array (MLA) Ø 45mm; beam angles from 11° to 45°. Can be equipped with a special MLA to be mounted on top of the lens allowing ZOOM and AUTOFOCUS applications.
By sliding it on top of the lens you can vary the beam angles in a range from 11° to 45° by preserving a perfect color mixing and a high optical efficiency over 90% in the full range of the beam angles. The MLA and the lens fit perfectly as they have the same diameter. The beam angles vary from the narrow confi guration when the device is in contact with the lens, to the wider configurations when the MLA is made sliding over the lens.
The color mixing performance exceeds any expectations: the red, green, blue and white beams produced by the high brightness chips are perfectly mixed and concentrated in a unique light beam of high intensity while delivering an incomparable uniformity level. Shadows or glare are totally eliminated and the highest in light color mixing is guaranteed.


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