Optical Systems for Mid Power LEDs

Optical Systems for Mid Power LEDs: STRATOS Lenses


STRATOS are high-tech lenses designed for high bay applications, with a special focus on warehouses. Available with 60°, 90° and elliptical beam angles. The elliptical beam is the core project of Stratos family, unique on the market for this kind of applications. All beam versions do not perform the roto-symmetric distribution. In fact, Stratos lenses are unique solutions for all those lighting applications where a typical roto-symmetric distribution is not sufficient.
Comparative tests we carried out with homologous models from the market, prove that Stratos lenses perform up to 37% more lux (average value) on the floor and up to 47% more uniformity in front of the shelves. Also, you can create different layouts with the same lens, based on the number and type of LEDs you will place along the 6 linear lenses forming the lens 6-row array.

Optical Systems for Mid Power LEDs: KFLEX Optical Systems

KFLEX Optical Systems

Optical systems available in many different multi-lens arrays. Designed to be used only with 3030 LEDs and suitable for standard FR4 PCBs, they allow to create cost-efficient solutions able to ensure high lighting performance in any environment.
So many models and great beam angles availability allow to implement many diverse applications: street light and car parking illumination as well as industrial and sport facilities installations, indoor and outdoor.
• IP Version on Request.
• Compatible with Zhaga Book 15.

Optical Systems for Mid Power LEDs: LINEAR Solutions

LINEAR Solutions

Engineered for Mid Power LEDs. Made of optical grade PMMA. Available in different optical beams.
Offer exclusive installation also in continuous rows made of limitless number of parts by simple fastening. Ideal for use in narrow width luminaire designs, in architectural and decorative applications.

Optical Systems for Mid Power LEDs: REELENSES for Mid Power LEDs

REELENSES for Mid Power LEDs

Single microlenses for most popular Mid-Power LEDs, 0.5W. Round shape - Ø 11.95mm - different beam angles. Mounted on reels and compatible with Pick and Place Machines for SMD Components.
Extremely versatile, the new optical solution from Khatod allows to realize your lighting application exactly the way you want and with a very high reduction of assembly time compared to traditional methods.
Result: a very competitive optical solution granting high lighting performance while being a real cost-effective product.

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