Optical Reflector Systems

Optical Reflector Systems: PIXEL 11x3 - Reflectors for Mid Power LEDs

PIXEL 11x3 - Reflectors for Mid Power LEDs

Reflector systems, designed for most popular Mid Power LEDs. Excellent optical solution for lighting systems used in rooms with high ceilings and industrial framing. Perfectly meet the requirements for applications that need high-efficiency lighting while being energy efficient.

Optical Reflector Systems: MICKEY - Reflector Systems for Multichip LEDs

MICKEY - Reflector Systems for Multichip LEDs

Engineered for most diverse general lighting application. MICKEY is a single reflector equipped with Self-Adhesive Fixing.
MICKEY maximizes the light output from the Multichip LEDs through its optics, so creating a perfect and high-efficient beam directed to the area to be illuminated. The optics are made of special PC able to withstand the high temperatures emitted by the Multichip LEDs.
On request, MICKEY REFLECTORS are also available without Self-Adhesive Fixing.

Optical Reflector Systems: EASY - Optical Reflector Systems for COB LEDs

EASY - Optical Reflector Systems for COB LEDs

FIRST and UNIQUE REFLECTOR SYSTEM delivering the exclusive opportunity to be directly mounted onto COB LED systems equipped with any standard ADAPTOR or HOLDER complying with Zhaga standard, having 35mm and 25mm spacing between the holes for the fixing screws.
Totally new-concept product consisting of 2 elements, bottom part and top part:
• Bottom: fix onto the COB LED system equipped with standard adaptor. The fixing holes will match perfectly the adaptor holes as both have 35mm or 25mm spacing.
• Top: snap onto the bottom part to get the complete reflector
• Conceived for any system using COB LEDs with LES ranging 9-19mm diameter, equipped with standard adaptor

Optical Reflector Systems: PIXEL Reflector Systems

PIXEL Reflector Systems

Multi-reflector arrays, consisting of 6 to 12 square-shaped reflectors, made of PC. Typical square beam angle; high performance with warm white LEDs. Positioning pegs enable easy assembly. Allow multi-module configurations by placing the arrays side by side. Any application in wide area, architectural and street lighting. Excellent for billboard applications.

Optical Reflector Systems: Asymmetric Reflector Systems for COB LEDs


FIRST and UNIQUE REFLECTOR SYSTEM delivering the exclusive opportunity to be directly mounted onto COB LED systems
• Size: created in various sides and heights
• Beam Angles: Asymmetric
• Finish: metalized or embossed
Features: Made of PC, specific for COB LED; High diffusion flux; High luminous intensity; No vibration problems; UV protected; Complying with Zhaga standards; Complying with UL94 Specifications; Any application in General Lighting, Indoor and Outdoor.

Optical Reflector Systems: Reflector Low Profile for LED Module

REFLECTOR Low Profile for LED Module - Optical Reflector System for LED Module

Material = PC + Aluminum Coating with protective Clear Coat
Full angle at 50% : ~ 100°
Full angle at 10% : ~ 134°
The light spots here represented refer to tests carried out with Seoul Semicond. Acrich2 17W LED
On request, we can make tests with other LEDs. Please, write us at khatod@khatod.com

Optical Reflector Systems: LYRA - Optical Reflector Systems for COB LEDs

LYRA - Optical Reflector Systems for COB LEDs

The new Optical Reflector System for COB LEDs from Khatod are provided with a special adaptor, customized for the individual models of  COB LEDs, allowing an immediate easy assembling of the reflector by a simple twist & lock block system.
The concept is very simple: first the adaptor is fixed onto the COB LED  while the reflector is then fixed by simply twisting and locking it onto the adaptor.
The perfect Optical Reflector System is now at disposal for all the individuals looking for the highest in design and the easiest in usability, being certain that they are provided with the most efficient and cost-effective optical solution.
Khatod Optical Reflector Systems are complying with Zhaga Standards and fit most of the applications where COB LEDs are required.
On request: Cover for LYRA Reflectors
The covers are available in 3 different diameters: 65mm, 90mm and 110mm

Optical Reflector Systems: MODULARIS - Modular Reflectors Systems

MODULARIS - Modular Reflector Systems

Modular Reflector Systems made of holders able to accommodate diverse reflectors. Holders: diverse configurations for the housing of 1 to 3-4-7-9-12-16 reflectors; Reflectors: 80°. Modularis covers virtually all kinds of General Lighting Applications. The modules - Holder+Reflectors - offer a "plug-and-play” functionality whereby MODULARIS is ready for use within seconds.

Optical Reflector Systems: Round, Square and Rectangular OPTICAL REFLECTORS for Power LEDs

Round, Square and Rectangular OPTICAL REFLECTORS for Power LEDs

Optical Reflectors for Power LEDs created in metalized and embossed surface.
Reflectors, often combined with condenser lenses, are normally used in projection optical systems to maximize both illumination and light source collection efficiency. Those devices, resembling small satellite dishes with a small hole in the center, are capable to focus or project a light beam.
Reflectors are realized in three different standard shapes: parabolic, ellipsoidal and hyperbolic. They are differentiated by the location of their foci in relation to the axis, besides their distinctive shape.

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