Company: Mechanical Department

The department consists of a research team focused on long-term, general, system-oriented research. 
Product and tool designers analyze and test new materials, processes and technologies. 
Our mechanical and optical specialists design and realize new products in close cooperation, and all the operations are carried out in house, by using the latest in software and equipments.

  • Computer-integrated tooling equipments
  • Molds and tooling engineering
  • Molds and tooling design and manufacturing
  • Testing by mold flow simulation software prior to molds and tools manufacturing
This grants our worldwide customers a unique and comprehensive engineering support enabling to make the most of their projects.

Type of Equipment:
CAD, CAM, 3/5 AXIS, 3D Inspection (V.Engineering), ATOS

Programming Languages:
Step, Dxf, Dwg, Parasolid, Sldasm, Sld, Stl, Iges

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