Lenses for IR LEDs

Lenses for IR LEDs: Imaging and Sensor Lenses

Imaging and Sensor Lenses

Lenses molded using PC IR material that has a specific refractive index, density, deflection temperature and transmission factor. Diameters available from 3 mm to 20 mm.
Khatod’s range of optics allows to achieve a twofold result:
- Collimate the radiation from different sources such as LEDs, laser diodes and VICSELs.
- Focus the radiation collected on receivers, like photodiodes and linear CCDs.
The main advantage stands in the possibility of engineering both the optical and the mechanical part in a single component.

Product Brief Imaging and Sensor Lenses

Lenses for IR LEDs: Biconvex Synthetic Lenses

Biconvex Synthetic Lenses

Synthetic Standard Lenses molded using different materials: PC-IR and PMMA-IR, each one has a specific Refractive Index, Density, Deflection Temperature and Transmission Factor.
Standard Diameters are from 3 to 20 mm, other dimensions available on request.

Lenses for IR LEDs: Synthetic Lenses for Special Application

Synthetic Lenses for Special Application

More than 300 standard lenses on catalogue.
Suitable for many applications: interface with LEDs, photodiodes, phototransistors, lighting systems, display, infrared for security systems and thousand of other applications.

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