Asymmetric Reflector Systems for COB LEDs

Asymmetric Reflector Systems for COB LEDs

FIRST and UNIQUE REFLECTOR SYSTEMS delivering the exclusive opportunity to be directly mounted onto COB LED systems.
  • Size: created in various diameters and heights
  • Beam Angles: Asymmetric
  • Finish: metalized or embossed

KCLP1799 - Easy Asymmetric Reflector Systems

103mm x 84mm side - 34mm height    |    COB LED with LES from 9mm to 19mm diameter
( KCLP1799ST: Narrow Beam )

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KCLP1829 - Asymmetric Reflector Systems

60,00mm x 57,26mm side - 20,00mm height    |    COB LED with LES 16mm diameter
( KCLP1829CR: Asymmetric Beam )

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Optional for EASY Asymmetric Reflection Systems

Optional for EASY Asymmetric Reflection Systems:

The optimal connection between the different COBs and the Khatod reflector series Easy Asymmetric using the Khatod Adapter KLCP1799ST.
EASY Asymmetric Reflector Systems is supplied without the holder with connector. The holder with connector by Bender-Wirth is optional, available only on request.

  • Made of PC, specific for COB LEDs
  • High diffusion flux
  • High luminous intensity
  • No vibration problems
  • UV protected
  • Complying with Zhaga standards
  • Complying with UL94 Specifications
  • Any application in General Lighting, Indoor and Outdoor

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