EN LED照明与组件的Khatod 光学解决方案


Lenses for Mid Power LEDs - Module dimensions: 285.90mm x 45.00mm side, 10.71mm height - Asymmetrical Beam

"LINEA Lenses for Mid Power LEDs"
Designed to comply with Zhaga Standards

Material: PMMA 8N: Top -40° ... 90°C
Full angle C0-C180 at 50% from maximum: ~ 145°
Full angle C0-C180 at 10% from maximum: ~ 90°
38.7mm pitch between the mounting fins; fit for PCB with 24.0mm maximum width
The light spots here represented refer to tests carried out with 22 ½ Watt LEDs, 5.6x3mm size, ~1100lm@Strip
Max Candela @ 5°

Linea Lenses offer exclusive installation also in continuous rows made of limitless number of parts by simple fastening with screws. Ideal for use in narrow width luminaire designs, in architectural and decorative applications.

Indoor, Indoor architectural & general lighting, Indoor ceiling mounted luminaires, Industrial Light - Commercial Light, Outdoor, Outdoor architectural, Residential Light - Garden Light, Retail/supermarkets, Warehouse lighting


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