Optics for COB or Power LEDs Array - 91.98mm diameter - 60.02mm height - Visual alarm / Warning device

GRANDE Series: Visual alarm / Warning device for COB LEDs or Power LEDs Array
91.98mm diameter - 60.02mm height

- Material: Clear PC
- Full angle C0-C180 at 50% from maximum: ~ 130°
- Full angle C0-C180 at 10% from maximum: ~ 170°
- The light spots here represented refer to tests carried out with 1 COB LED with 13mm LES, ~4270lm@LED

On request, available also in opal white PC, as a decorative element, P/N PLL2112OP

Emergency, Indoor, Industrial Light - Commercial Light, Outdoor, Security lighting


Lens for visual alarm / warning device, made of polycarbonate, designed to signalize emergency or danger. The optics are versatile and fitting for different luminous sources, such as COB LEDs or Power LED arrays.
The PLL2112 is provided with the ring gasket KGAS2112 (on request). You can test the optics by using our KHS111 heat sink, which is compatible for the purpose. However, it is strongly recommended that you design your own heat sink, since the KHS111 has a too high housing in relation to the lens base.
The lens surface is matt so enabling a homogeneous beam.


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