Optical panels for Mid Power LEDs - 280.00mm x 62.30mm side, 10.24mm height - 105° FWHM - "STOCK and SHOP Lenses"

Optical panels for Mid Power LEDs
Module dimensions: 280.00mm x 62.30mm side, 10.24mm height
"STOCK and SHOP Lenses"

- PMMA : Top -40° ... 85°C | Tstg -40° ... 85°C

- Optic Type: rectangular lens arrays with 30 lenses
- Full angle at 50%: ~ 105°x105°
- Full angle at 10%: ~ 150°x150°
- The light spots here represented refer to tests carried out with Mid-Power LEDs @ 50lm, ~ 1.2mm high
- Lighting efficiency: over 85%
- On request, available with PCB for testing

- Canopy Light - Petrol Gas Station Light
- Indoor
- Indoor architectural & general lighting
- Indoor ceiling mounted luminaires
- Industrial Light - Commercial Light
- Office
- Retail/supermarkets
- Retrofit

Optical panels made of 30 optics, designed for most popular Mid Power LEDs. Excellent optical solution for lighting systems used in rooms with high ceilings and industrial framing. Perfectly meet the requirements for applications that need high-efficiency lighting while being energy efficient. Deliver the exclusive opportunity to be used in existing light fixtures using conventional lenses. Available in 3 beam angles, provide uniform light distribution. The double asymmetrical beam fits perfectly into environments with shelving on both sides of the aisles: performs uniform double sided beam while avoiding the glare effect in the middle of the aisle.


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