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KESQ1879EL New Single Lens - Elliptical Beam for Totem Light [01/2016]
KESQ1879EL New Single Lens - Elliptical Beam for Totem Light

New Single Lens - Elliptical Beam for Totem Light

KHATOD announces a New entry in KESQ Lens Family: KESQ1879EL, Elliptical Beam for OSRAM OSLON SQUARE LEDs.
KESQ1879EL is the New Single Lens equipped with White Holder and Self-Adhesive Fixing, optimized for OSRAM OSLON SQUARE LED Series. Thanks to the Self-Adhesive Fixing, KESQ1879EL allows immediate coupling onto the LED and the freedom from using glue or any other fixing device.

KESQ1879EL performs a perfect Elliptical Beam enabling to realize your most creative projects and make your applications unique.
  Technical details 
• Optic Type: Single Lens, designed for Osram Oslon Square LEDs
• Material: Optical grade PMMA specific for high temperature resistance, up to 85°C
• Dimensions:
24.00mm diameter; 10.65mm height (10.80mm height with self-adhesive)
• Beam: Elliptical beam angle
• Operating Temperature: Top: -40° ... 85°C
• Fixing: Equipped with self-adhesive sticker allowing immediate fixing to the PCB
• Equipped
with white holder
• High lighting efficiency
• Excellent luminous flux
• Superior optical engineering for a perfect uniform light distribution
• Easy fixing onto the PCB
• No vibration problems
• Complying with UL94 Specifications
• UV protected
• Optimizes the lighting flux output of Osram Oslon Square LEDs
Engineered for most diverse general lighting applications, Indoor and Outdoor:
• Totem Light
• Indoor
• Indoor architectural & general lighting
• Indoor recessed fixtures
• Indoor wall-mounted luminaires
• Outdoor architectural
• Outdoor wall-mounted luminaires
• Wall washing
• Wall washing / flood lighting
• Any application requiring an outstanding illuminance performance in the form of elliptical beam projection.


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