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NEMA Optical Systems for Power LEDs

NEMA Optical Systems for Power LEDs

NEMA OPTICAL SYSTEMS, 36 optics (6x6) on 110 mm (w) x 120 (l) x 10 mm (h) module - enabling to optimize the high intensity light outputs of the most recent Power LEDs. A single NEMA module can achieve a light flux output of around 7000 Lumens intensity.

New-concept optical systems, ready-to-use for the most diverse Lighting applications: sporting facilities, arenas and stadiums, as well as industrial and commercial buildings, Indoor & Outdoor.
Engineering Concept: Created as 36 optics modules available in 5 models, and as a single flat lens available in 2 models. Both versions maximize the lighting performance of any application with special illuminance requirements for area lighting, high and low bay lighting as well as floodlight and portable lighting applications.

Panel and optics are a single injection-molded body. The 36 optics module versions deliver a blend of crisp and clear light for great illumination. The flat lens versions generate uniform precise and high-efficient beams enabling a perfect lighting diffusion.
• Optic Type: designed for Power LEDs delivering high intensity
   - 5 models - 36 optics (6x6) modules - available in different beams: Narrow, Medium, Wide, Extra Wide, Elliptical
   - 2 models - single flat-lens - available in total clear finish and in opaline finish. Perform a 120° beam angle; generate a very smooth and homogeneous lighting diffusion
• Material: Optical grade PMMA HT specific for high temperature resistance, up to 125°C
• Dimensions:  110 mm (w) x 120 (l) x 10 mm (h)
• Comply with NEMA 2 – 3 – 4 – 5 – 7 standards
• Great Flexibility: allow interchangeability of different models on the same LED source. Enable multi-modules layouts. Maximize the most diverse lighting applications
• Lighting efficiency: over 85%           
• No need of glass protection = No light dispersion = +13% in lighting efficiency
• A pocket in the panel provides the housing for UL homologated connectors  
• Complying with UL94 Specifications  - UV protected  -  Non-yellowing effect
• IP protected, on request.

Engineered for arena lighting applications, NEMA OPTICAL SYSTEMS are excellent in Wide Area, High & Low –Bay and General lighting applications, outdoor and indoor, as well as floodlight and portable lighting applications.
• Sporting facilities, arenas, stadiums and any event area
• Industrial and commercial buildings, Indoor & Outdoor
• Construction and manufacturing areas
• Large yards, Workplaces, Wide Public Places
• Emergency operations areas: road and urban works area; light towers; portable lighting; portable pedestals, etc.
• General Lighting in Wide Areas: Canopy, Petrol Gas Station, Parking Light, Facade lighting, Highbay, Hospitality lighting, Indoor, Indoor architectural & general lighting, Indoor ceiling mounted luminaires, Indoor spotlights, Industrial Light, Commercial Light, IR, Light panels, Lowbay, NEMA, Office, Outdoor, Outdoor architectural, Parking area, Residential Light, Garden Light, Security lighting, Stadium / sports arena lighting, Warehouse lighting.


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NEMA Optical Systems for Power LEDs

Module dimensions (mm):
120 mm x 110 mm side
9.51 mm height


Operating Temperature:
Top: -30° ... 110°C

Product Brief
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