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GAIA Optical Systems

GAIA Optical Systems

A concentrate of engineering in few inches. The technology of tomorrow is now.

Realize a relatively small optical system – 3 excellent Free Form Optics on a 200mm (l) x 50,8mm (w); (7.87in x 2in) panel - able to optimize the most recent Multi-Chip LEDs delivering extremely high luminous flux outputs, ranging from 1000 lm to 5000 lm. Panel and optics are a single injection-molded body. A single Gaia system enables to create a fixture for a street lighting pole.

Lighting modules. Beam Angles: 3 rotosymmetric (60°; 90°; 150°); 1 square (120°x120°); 1 axially symmetric in x, y; 3 asymmetric. Allow the interchangeability of the different models on the same LED source. Comply with IESNA Type I, Type II, Type III, Type V and with European ME3A, EN 13201 Classification. Available with a dedicated reflector device to maximize applications using asymmetric optics (IESNA Type II medium, Type III medium; ME3A). It creates a clean cut-off and directs 90% of the light output from the LED sources towards the street side.
No light dispersion = +13% in lighting efficiency. Fit any kind of high intensity lighting applications, in wide area and high-bay lighting as well as in general lighting, indoor and outdoor. Excellent performance also with high-power, single-emitter LEDs. 


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GAIA Optical Systems for Multichip LEDs

Module dimensions (mm):
195,74 x 50,32/50,82 side


Operating Temperature:
Top: -30° ... 110°C


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