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Easy Reflector Systems
EASY Reflector Systems    
with LES from 9mm to 11mm diameter
with LES form 9mm to 19mm diameter
with LES from 12mm to 15mm diameter

Operating Temperature:
Top: -40° ... 170°C

Top: -104° ... 338°F
Beam Angle ( Full angle at 50% ):
Narrow Reflector Ø 50 mm [ Ø 1.97 inches ] = ~ 12°
Narrow Reflector Ø 72 mm [ Ø 2.83 inches ] = ~ 13° - 15°
Narrow Reflector Ø 110 mm [ Ø 4.33 inches ] = ~ 14 - 16°
Asymmetric Reflector = ~ 30° x 55°



FIRST and UNIQUE REFLECTOR SYSTEMS delivering the exclusive opportunity to be mounted directly onto COB LED systems equipped with any standard ADAPTOR or HOLDER complying with Zhaga standard, having 35 mm or 25mm spacing between the holes for the fixing screws.
Totally new-concept product consisting of two elements:
Primary Reflector (bottom part): fix it onto the COB LED system equipped with standard adaptor. The fixing holes will match perfectly the adaptor holes as both have 35 mm or 25mm spacing.
Secondary Reflector (top part): snap it onto the bottom part to get the complete reflector.

EASY REFLECTOR SYSTEMS are the best solution to optimize the light flux emitted by COB LED systems with LES ranging  9-19 mm diameter and using standard holders with 35 mm or 25 mm spacing.
Every model of EASY REFLECTOR SYSTEMS is made of two parts assembled together. The Primary Reflector (Bottom Part) is designed for direct mounting onto the holder. The fixing holes having 35 mm or 25mm spacing will match most popular Zhaga complying adaptors or holders. The Secondary Reflector (Top Part) easily snaps onto the Primary Reflector to get the full reflector system.

Writing about EASY REFLECTOR SYSTEMS isn’t quite the same as watching a video of how these reflectors actually work. So we have put together a quick demo for you. Click here and see the videos >>

Features and Typical Applications:
• Made of APEC + Reflector Coating, boast an excellent optical efficiency
• Conceived for any system using COB LEDs with LES ranging 9mm - 19mm diameters, equipped with standard adaptor having 35mm or 25mm spacing between the holes for the fixing screws  
• Different shapes available:
  - Easy Reflector System: created in various diameters and heights
  - Easy Asymmetric Reflector System: created in different shapes to meet most various requirements in LED lighting
• Easy fixing to the COB LEDs
• Finish: metalized or embossed
• Maximize the luminous flux while achieving a lighting efficiency over 85%, High diffusion flux, High luminous intensity
• Beam Angles: Narrow, Medium, Wide, Extra Wide, Asymmetric.
• Yellow ring effect totally eliminated
• No vibration problems
• UV protected and guaranteed for outdoor applications
• Any applications in Wide Area Lighting: Industrial Lighting, Indoor Lighting, Outdoor Lighting, Architectural lighting
• Complying with Zhaga Standards
• Complying with UL94 Specifications
• Patent pending

EASY REFLECTOR SYSTEMS boast a unique design. Conceived in two parts assembled together to form a single piece, greatly simplify the mounting in the final application making the operation fast and easy. Their name could only be EASY!


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