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KCACH2 lenses protect the LED modules operating at 110-220V against harmful electrostatic discharges under incidental human body. Perfectly match Seoul® Acrich2 LED series in size and dimensions.
Made of  aluminum coated PC with clear protective coating, maximize the luminous flux delivered by the  COB LED modules . Perform a perfect  beam angle while achieving a lighting efficiency over 85%.
Top covers made of PC with smooth frosted glass finish, provide a perfect uniform light distribution while guaranteeing the best result in luminous efficiency. Easily mount onto the top of LYRA Reflectors.
Different models of box-like cases are available for the housing of the electronic components that are used for the operation of the NACTUS OPTICAL SYSTEMS.  Offer quick and easy installation thanks to simple housing geometry and the mounting holes perfectly matching the Nactus Systems pitch. Provide a stable accommodation of components while protecting your electronics in most diverse applications.


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