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Optoelectronic Components

We manufacture solutions
Optoelectronic Components - Optical Light Pipes Light Guide System
Optoelectronic Components - Flexible Optical Cable System LED Panel Indicator
Optical Light Pipes and Light Guide System
Over 600 standard parts available in the catalogue, custom parts available on request.
Panel electric protection, maximum light transmission.
More than 300 standard components in the catalogue. Compatible with all sizes of SMD and 3mm round LEDs. Maximum light transmission. ESD protection. Panel electrical isolation. Custom solutions without cost. Wide viewing angle.
Flexible Optical Cable System LED Indicator
Multiple lighting applications with various beams available in white, green, red and amber colors.
Compatible with all sizes of SMD and 3mm round LEDs. ESD protection. Maximum light transmission. Waterproof. Reduced assembling costs. 7 colors available for lenses. 5 PCB holder solutions. UL94 V-O compliance. Solid-state, vibration resistant.

Right Angle Light Transporter for SMD and PTH LEDs - PCB mounting

Optoelectronic Components - Circuit Board Indicator  
Circuit Board Indicator
More than 300 models complying with European and American standard.
More than 7000 standard items available in our catalogue.
Availability of 3mm LED devices with 1 to 12 LEDs.
100% quality assurance.
UL94 V-O compliance.
Available for LEDs of 1,8mm - 3mm - 5mm, square and rectangular shapes.
Spacers and holders for Display and Crystal quartz.
Available with Electrostatic Discharge Protection (ESD).
Available in any color present on the market.


Optoelectronic Components - Bar Graph Arrays, Light Bar & Dot Matrix  
Bar Graph Arrays, Light Bar & Dot Matrix
Light Bar and Dot Matrix are compatible with more than 95% of light bars available on the market.
Light Bar by Khatod are founded on the principle of light diffusers: through particular optics they allow a perfect homogenized color.
Series KLB can be easily personalized by using screen or pad printing systems. This helps the customer also reduce cost by avoiding the use and application of expensive labels.
Our Light Bars allow the possibility to create RGB systems with color ranges never considered and used before. khatod has created a 10 LEDs bar completely bicolor.

Bar Graph Arrays, Light Bar & Dot Matrix for SMD and PTH LEDs

Optoelectronic Components - LCD Backlight Sidelight  
LCD Backlight Sidelight
The micro prismatic Sidelight and Backlight are manufactured by using Khatod by injection technology. They are excellent for the backlighting of monochromatic or full color small displays, from 2.5'' to 4''.
The micro prismatic Sidelight applications include: backlighting for speedometers, mobiles, MP3 readers, PDAs, small electromedical equipments, GPS devices, digital video camera. They are used in applications that require microdysplays but with a high visible performance, even in bad environmental conditions.
Khatod Sidelight are available in any colour range: green, yellow-green, blue, white, amber, orange, red or any other color available on LEDs market.


Optoelectronic Components - Metal & Plastic Signal Lamps  
Metal & Plastic Signal Lamps

Optoelectronic Components - Custom Components  
Khatod develops custom components and applications by using a policy of CUSTOM PRODUCT=ZERO MOULD COST.
Entirely designed, developed and manufactured by Khatod.

Production, marketing, distribution, sale of these products as well as their possible modifications and variations are only and exclusive right of Khatod Optoelectronic S.r.l.   No company can perform any of these actions without written permission released by Khatod Optoelectronic S.R.L.  - REPRODUCTION PROHIBITED -


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