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Optical Reflector Systems

Optical Reflector Systems
Khatod Optical Reflector System are a basic element to make your optical design real.
The right optical solution is fundamental for type and number of LEDs used in your design.
Advanced research, scientific rigour, great attention to the continuous evolution in the LED Technology, have led Khatod to develop optical solutions performing an excellent, homogeneous luminous flux, and a high lighting efficiency. The product we are proposing, is the result of Khatod's superior engineering. It helps in reducing the costs while meeting the most demanding lighting specifications and applications.
Optical Reflector Systems - Video - Khatod Reflector for Any LED Applications

Optical Reflector Systems - MICKEY: Reflector Systems for Multichip LEDsVideo - Khatod MICKEY Reflector Systems  

Reflector Systems for Multichip LEDs

Engineered for most diverse general lighting application. MICKEY is a single reflector equipped with Self-Adhesive Fixing.
MICKEY maximizes the light output from the Multichip LEDs through its optics, so creating a perfect and high-efficient beam directed to the area to be illuminated. The optics are made of special PC able to withstand the high temperatures emitted by the Multichip LEDs.
On request, MICKEY REFLECTORS are also available without Self-Adhesive Fixing.

Optical Reflector Systems - EASY Optical Reflector Systems for COB LEDs  

Optical Reflector Systems for COB LEDs

FIRST and UNIQUE REFLECTOR SYSTEM delivering the exclusive opportunity to be directly mounted onto COB LED systems equipped with any standard ADAPTOR or HOLDER complying with Zhaga standard, having 35mm and 25mm spacing between the holes for the fixing screws.
Totally new-concept product consisting of 2 elements, bottom part and top part:
• Bottom: fix onto the COB LED system equipped with standard adaptor. The fixing holes will match perfectly the adaptor holes as both have 35mm or 25mm spacing.
• Top: snap onto the bottom part to get the complete reflector.
• Conceived for any system using COB LEDs with LES ranging 9-19mm diameter, equipped with standard adaptor.

Optical Reflector Systems - PIXEL: Reflector Systems for Power LEDsVideo - Khatod Pixel Reflector Systems  

Reflector Systems

PIXEL Reflector Systems are realized in many different multi-reflectors arrays, from 12 to 24 – 36 – 48 - 60 square-shaped reflectors performing a typical square shaped beam. PIXEL Systems are ready-to-use arrays provided with positioning pegs on the sides allowing an easy and immediate fitting onto the PCB. Their special design allows for a DUAL OPTION: the arrays can be combined together by simply cutting the positioning pegs off and placing them side by side, so obtaining linear and extensive structures of desired dimensions. The high flexibility and versatility of their structure allow to realize countless different configurations for any applications in Wide Area Lighting, Indoor and Outdoor; Architectural Lighting; Billbord Lighting. Made of special PC for vacuum coating treatment, PIXEL Systems fit High Brightness LEDs from 100 to 900 lumens and over; deliver the most simple design while ensuring the highest in technology.
PIXEL is complying with UL94 Specifications.
    PIXEL, multi-reflectors arrays: 12 optics PIXEL, multi-reflectors arrays: 24 optics PIXEL, multi-reflectors arrays: 36 optics PIXEL, multi-reflectors arrays: 48 optics PIXEL, multi-reflectors arrays: 60 optics PIXEL is available in multi-reflectors arrays with LED Board, from 12 to 24 – 36 – 48 - 60 optics

Optical Reflectors for COB LEDs - Asymmetric Reflector Systems for COB LEDs  

Optical Reflector Systems for COB LEDs

FIRST and UNIQUE REFLECTOR SYSTEM delivering the exclusive opportunity to be directly mounted onto COB LED systems
• Size: created in various sides and heights.
• Beam Angles: Asymmetric.
• Finish: metalized or embossed.
Features: • Made of PC, specific for COB LEDs • High diffusion flux • High luminous intensity • No vibration problems • UV protected • Complying with Zhaga standards • Complying with UL94 Specifications • Any application in General Lighting, Indoor and Outdoor.

Optical Reflectors for LED Module - Reflector Low Profile for LED Module  

REFLECTOR Low Profile for LED Module
Optical Reflector System for LED Module

Material = PC + Aluminum Coating with protective Clear Coat
Full angle at 50% : ~ 100°
Full angle at 10% : ~ 134°
The light spots here represented refer to tests carried out with Seoul Semicond. Acrich2 17W LED

On request, we can make tests with other LEDs. Please, write us at


Optical Reflector System - LYRA: Optical Reflector Systems for COB LEDs  

Optical Reflector Systems for COB LEDs

The new Optical Reflector System for COB LEDs from Khatod are provided with a special adaptor, customized for the individual models of  COB LEDs, allowing an immediate easy assembling of the reflector by a simple twist & lock block system.
The concept is very simple: first the adaptor is fixed onto the COB LED  while the reflector is then fixed by simply twisting and locking it onto the adaptor.
The perfect Optical Reflector System is now at disposal for all the individuals looking for the highest in design and the easiest in usability, being certain that they are provided with the most efficient and cost-effective optical solution.
Khatod Optical Reflector Systems are complying with Zhaga Standards and fit most of the applications where COB LEDs are required.

On request: Cover for Reflectors

On request: Cover for LYRA Reflectors
The covers are available in 3 different diameters: 65mm, 90mm and 110mm



Direct Assembly onto BJB Connectors

Provide the means for direct assembly of all Khatod optical systems from LYRA and KRISTALL Series onto BJB connectors mounted on COB LEDs. JOLLY adaptors are totally compatible with BJB connectors. The parts are immediately assembled together thanks to our exclusive twist & lock system: 1) place JOLLY on the bottom of LYRA or KRISTALL system; 2) twist & lock the whole system onto BJB connector by a simple rotation. LYRA Optical Reflectors, LYRA Diffusers, KRISTALL Optical Systems and any future Khatod optical systems equipped with our adaptors will be perfectly usable with BJB connectors mounted on COB LEDs. The efficient integration between JOLLY and BJB connectors allows for the interchangeability of LYRA models and KRISTALL models on the same COB LED source. This will enable many different solutions while using the same COB LED system.
• Made of PCHT, specific for COB LED modules
• Available in different sizes
• Easy to install
• Ideal for high-reliability applications
• Any application in General Lighting requiring adaptors for immediate installation


Optical Reflector Systems - Modularis - Modular Reflectors Systems  

Modular Reflectors Systems

Modular Reflectors Systems made of holders able to accommodate diverse reflectors. Holders: diverse configurations for the housing of 1 to 3-4-7-9-12 reflectors; Reflectors: 80°. Modularis covers virtually all kinds of General Lighting Applications. The modules - Holder+Reflectors - offer a "plug-and-play” functionality whereby MODULARIS is ready for use within seconds.



Optical Reflector System - Reflectors for Power LEDs
Optical Reflector Systems - Video - Khatod Reflector for Any LED Applications


Round, Square and Rectangular Optical Reflectors
for Power LEDs

Optical Round Reflectors for Power LEDs created in metalized and embossed surface.
Reflectors, often combined with condenser lenses, are normally used in projection optical systems to maximize both illumination and light source collection efficiency. Those devices, resembling small satellite dishes with a small hole in the center, are capable to focus or project a light beam.

Reflectors are realized in three different standard shapes: parabolic, ellipsoidal and hyperbolic. They are differentiated by the location of their foci in relation to the axis, besides their distinctive shape.
Available in a variety of shapes, dimensions, and finishing
• High lighting efficiency
• Excellent luminous flux  
• Superior optical engineering for a perfect uniform light distribution
• Made of PC for special coating treatment  
• Easy fixing onto the PCB  
• Innovative design  
• Complying with UL94 Specifications
• No vibration problems
• Huge choice of models for the most typical applications in Lighting: Portable lighting (flashlights, bicycle...); Lamps; Indoor/Outdoor/Street/Industrial/Architectural Lighting
Complying with UL94 Specifications


Optical Reflector System - Custom Reflector for Power LEDs  

Custom Reflector for Power LEDs

Khatod develops custom reflectors and applications by using a policy of CUSTOM PRODUCT=ZERO MOULD COST.
The custom reflectors can be developed in differents diameter: Narrow Beam, Medium Beam, Wide Beam, Ultra Wide Beam, Super Wide Beam, Elliptical Beam, etc.
The custom lenses will make real your optical design.
Entirely designed, developed and manufactured by Khatod.

Optical Reflector System - Coating Technologies
Video - Khatod Coating TechnologiesVideo - Khatod Coating Technologies


Khatod has two main passwords to enter the Highest in Technology and the Best in Quality Service:
As a real front-runner in Lighting solutions, already in late 2011, Khatod intercepted an important and ever-growing demand from the Lighting market directly connected to the latest evolution in LED Technology: COB LEDs, i.e. Chip On Board LEDs. Our opinion was that the traditional techniques were not sufficient to deliver optical solutions able to optimize their high lighting intensity.This was a new frontier to overcome.
The optics for this new LED generation need proper solutions able to maximize the high luminosity they perform and translate it into a perfect flow, powerful and homogeneous.
Since the beginning of 2012 Khatod has equipped its Production Department with the most advanced vacuum treatment plant based on the latest cutting-edge VACUUM COATING TECHNOLOGIES, specific for coating our Optical Reflector Systems. Khatod plant for vacuum metallization is based on Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition (PECVD) process: into the process chamber of the coating plant, the vacuum enables the metal molecules to move from the source of evaporation to the surface to be coated. The Plasma techniques enhance this process by acting on the molecular (chemical) modification of the surface to be coated and create an indestructible bond between the deposited metal and the reflector surface. The entire coating process is a cold transfer, at room temperature. Also, Plasma provides an excellent anticorrosive protection, is a dry clean process, does not use cleaning agents, produces no waste substances. These conditions meet three essential requirements: provide superior optical performance, up to 37% higher than the optical efficiency of the reflectors treated by standard coating process; energy conservation; environment protection. Khatod Vacuum Coating Plant is totally ZERO EMISSION.
Khatod vacuum treatment plant is not a common equipment for general use, as most of the coating plants available on the market. Instead, our plant is customized for specific optical treatments.
At Khatod, From Project to Object, the most cutting-edge technologies are at your disposal:
always in the same spirit: 100% in-house, under our full control, our aim is to deliver our customers the highest quality level.

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 UV stabilized 100% Recyclable RoHS compliant UL94 compliant  Energy Saving Respects the environment
UV stabilized 100% Recyclable RoHS compliant UL94 compliant Energy Saving Respects the environment
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