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Custom Lenses & Reflectors

Custom Lenses & Reflectors
Khatod products leverage nearly three decades of hands-on experiencewith the toughest challenges in making lenses for SSL in a wide range of applications. We started with the creation of custom optical solutions for our customers: from the optical design to the mechanical and technical project; optical simulations and experimentations; advanced engineering technologies and exclusive equipments, such as our hi-tech photometric laboratory and vacuum coating plant customized for optical treatments, just to name a few; exclusive and unique capability to design and create the moulds and tooling for the manufacturing of the optics, from prototypeto high volume production quantities. All in house, the entire process is under our full control, from the initial idea of a project to time to market. Whether you already have a design or you ask for our collaboration to develop a design, our team is focused on ensuring that the resulting optics will meet or exceed your requirements both in terms of performance and high-yield manufacturability. We are able to develop your projects by collaborating with your designers or being your designers. We will drive the development, testing, manufacture, delivery of the optics you require. No matter the size, the dimension, the peculiarity, the quantity of the optics you need. We are unique able to offer the exclusive capability to be a single source, to deliver a full optical service totally under our quality control. Khatod can guarantee shorter time to market thanks to our responsive and experienced designers, dedicated project management, rapid prototyping, high volume production quantities meeting the scheduled delivery time. In our career, we have delivered hundreds of thousands of custom optics and optical solutions of any kind, developed and realized for our customers around the world. High project potential, fast smart reliable performance, great  production capabilities, have made Khatod one of the most knowledgeable and reliable manufacturer in the industry, a world leader in the development of secondary optics for SSL.

Optical Lenses System - Custom Lenses for Power LEDs  

Custom Lenses for Power LEDs

Khatod develops custom lenses.
The custom lenses will make real your optical design.
Entirely designed, developed and manufactured by Khatod.

Optical Reflector System - Custom Reflector for Power LEDs  

Custom Reflectors for Power LEDs

Khatod develops custom reflectors.
The custom reflectors will make real your optical design.
Entirely designed, developed and manufactured by Khatod.

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 UV stabilized 100% Recyclable RoHS compliant UL94 compliant  Energy Saving Respects the environment
UV stabilized 100% Recyclable RoHS compliant UL94 compliant Energy Saving Respects the environment
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