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 About Us - 100% In-House, Milan, ITALY
About Khatod: Always in the same spirit: 100% in-house, under our full control, from project to object, our aim is to deliver our customers the highest quality level

Always in the same spirit: 100% in-house, under our full control, from project to object, our aim is to deliver our customers the highest quality level.

Khatod, a real front-runner in LED lighting solutions, offers you the  opportunity to use our in-depth optical, technical and mechanical know-how to considerably improve the efficiency of your final applications.
The reduced energy costs achieved with LEDs, along with the possibility of pairing with the new technologies developed by Khatod for LED Lighting applications, make LEDs and Khatod Optical Systems the perfect match. We will merge our capabilities with your requirements in order to achieve the best performance with your lighting appliances.
Khatod products leverage nearly three decades of hands-on experience with lenses for Solid-state Lighting (SSL) in a wide range of applications and environments. Unique on the international scene, Khatod has developed the entire product process 100% in-house, Milano-Italy, a full optical service - from project to object - encompassing all the production processes.
Our extensive intellectual property, including many Patents granted or pending in Europe, USA, China and many EP Designs registered, is the result of continuous investments in R&D, high-tech software and equipments as well as top engineering team. Based on the latest in designing, production methods and processes, testing and control, our aim is to deliver the best products and technologies that far surpass the traditional ones. High project potential, fast smart reliable performance and ease to use are some key points enabling to add value to the optic solution without adding to the customer’s costs. Updating of the Intellectual Property information in the website is executed periodically. The “Patented” label in the figures, pictures, descriptions, etc. is to be intended as patent applications filed and patent extensions scheduled or in progress, and patents and patent designs granted. The absence of “Patented”  label in the figures, pictures, descriptions, etc. does not mean  the absence of patent applications currently pending or patents granted. Also, our customers can count on a worldwide support: Khatod offers extensive on-line information about products and their applications; attends the most important international exhibitions and conferences of the lighting industry; maintains sales offices with stock on site around the world; informs with regular newsletters and press releases in the specialized magazines of the industry.

Continuous innovation • High project potential • Application knowledge   
Coating Technologies  
- Customized Vacuum Coating Treatment
- High Tecnology
- The treatment process includes also the Plasma technology
- Zero Environmental Impact
- Best Quality Service: This Is Our Must

100% Automated Production Processes
- 100% Exclusively Made and Certified in Italy
- Always in the same spirit: 100% in-house, under our full control, from project to object
Continuous innovation in Equipments & cutting-edge Machinery:
- injecting machines customized for optical use
- provided with high-tech software for thermoplastic injection moulding
- machines running 24-h cycle and 100% robotized

The best optical solution for every application • Fast, smart, reliable

Timely and continuous information • Khatod is worldwide
The website welcomes visitors with featured content; provides our clients with the most accurate product information; shares our knowledge and expertise in Lighting design, technology, applications.

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Where is Khatod? HEADQUARTERS in Italy and Sales Offices & Stock onsite all over the world.
Khatod HEADQUARTERS in Italy and Sales Offices & Stock onsite all over the world
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  Khatod 100% Made in Italy Made in ITALY Khatod 100% Made in Italy
100% in-house, from project to object


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