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Khatod boasts one of the most advanced coating system plant, based on Plasma polymerization PECVD, specific for coating our optical reflector systems for LED lighting
The treatment process enables to achieve the optimal surface condition prior to proceed to the next treatment process, such as coating, varnishing, etc.

  • Removes organic contaminants or residue layers
  • Improves surface tension
  • Sterilizes
  • Cleans any surface of any nature, geometry and dimension

Khatod vacuum treatment plant is customized for specific optical treatments, designed and realized for the coating process of our reflector systems for LED applications. 

  • The reflector systems from Khatod achieve up to 37% higher optical performance than the optical efficiency performed by standard coated reflectors
  • Allows the treatment of plastic materials of new generation, heat-resistant over 250°C (482°F)
  • ZERO ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT, totally complying with RoHS and ELV Standards. Khatod Vacuum Treatment Plant exclusively uses organic materials and it emits no waste substances that can pollute the environment and disrupts the climate. Its working operations are totally ZERO EMISSION.
    Khatod commitment with the Environment Preservation is an essential part of our company philosophy.
    By using these new technologies, we have achieved approx 30% reduction in energy consumption.

The realization of our vacuum treatment plant has been carried out in collaboration with Kolzer, leader in the in the  high-vacuum treatment and owner of dozen international patents for PVD, Physical Vapour Deposition. 

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