Reelenses for Mid Power LEDs - 11.95mm diameter, 5.95mm height - 60° FWHM Extra Wide Beam

Reelenses for Mid Power LEDs
11.95mm diameter - 5.95mm height
60° FWHM Extra Wide Beam

• Material: Clear PMMA - Non-yellowing, 10-year guarantee**
• Full angle at 50% from maximum: ~ 60°
• Full angle at 10% from maximum: ~ 114°
• The light spots here represented refer to tests carried out with a single Mid Power LED, 5.0x5.0mm size, ~550lm

Single microlenses for most popular Mid-Power LEDs are mounted on reels and compatible with Pick and Place Machines for SMD Components.
Extremely versatile, allows to realize your lighting application exactly the way you want and with a very high reduction of assembly time.

**PLL2080 series is made of the same material used to produce PLEXIGLAS® Solar which guarantees it will show no yellowing for 10 years.
Yellowness Index (YI) according to the test standards for Arizona/Florida outdoor exposure testing:
- YI 6 under hot/dry conditions
- YI 8 under hot/wet conditions


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