Optical Systems for Mid Power LEDs

Optical Systems for Mid Power LEDs: LINEA Lenses for Mid Power LEDs

LINEA - Lenses for Mid Power LEDs

Engineered for Mid Power LED strip. Made of optical grade PMMA; -40° ~ 90° temperature resistant. Available in 4 optical beams - 30°, 60°, 90°, Asymmetrical - fit for PCB with 24mm and 40mm maximum width.
Offer exclusive installation also in continuous rows made of limitless number of parts by simple fastening with screws. Ideal for use in narrow width luminaire designs, in architectural and decorative applications.

Optical Systems for Mid Power LEDs: STOCK and SHOP Optical Systems for Mid Power LEDs

STOCK & SHOP - Optical Systems for Mid Power LEDs

Optical panels, designed for most popular Mid Power LEDs. Excellent optical solution for lighting systems used in rooms with high ceilings and industrial framing. Perfectly meet the requirements for applications that need high-efficiency lighting while being energy efficient.
Deliver the exclusive opportunity to be used in existing light fixtures using conventional lenses.

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