Company: Optical Department

The most complete range of lenses presently available on the market is from Khatod.

Type: single, triple, multiple, strip, zoom/auto focus, reflectors, optical systems and reflectors systems available as individual and modular panels and/or arrays. Different technologies - TIR, Biconvex, Fresnel, Free Form. For any kind of LED: Mini LED, Power LED, Multichip, High Brightness, COB
Features: Available in a wide range of beam angles: Ultra Narrow, Narrow, Medium, Wide, Extra Wide, Rectangular, Elliptical, Symmetric, Asymmetric, Rotosymmetric. Realized in different materials: PMMA, PMMI, PC, PCHT, SILICONE. Different fastening systems to the PCB: from classic mounting pins or dedicated holder to our exclusive Twist & Lock, Snap-in, Lock & Fix systems
Applications: all types of application in General Lighting and Wide Area Lighting, Outdoor and Indoor, Street Lighting, Entertainment, Wall Washing, High & Low Bay, Retail, Architectural, Interior Design, Decorative etc.


ZEMAX-OpticStudio (USA), ASAP (USA), LightTools (USA), LED Optics Designer (Russia)

Type of Equipment:
Photogoniometer | Main Supplier: DS | (Italy / USA)
Integrating Sphere | Main Supplier: DEM | (Italy)
Light & Display Measurements | Main Supplier: Konica / Minolta | (Japan)
3D Inspection | Main Supplier: V.Engineering | (UK)
IK Test
3D Printer | Main Supplier: MakerBot | (USA)
Climatic Chamber | Main Supplier: Perani Electronic | (Italy)

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