Company: Moulding Department

Responsible for the design and realization of the molds and tooling for the manufacturing of all the plastic and silicone optics. The cooperation between departments and strict controls guarantee to fully met the customer specifications.

Tooling Department

3D Ablation Laser | Main Supplier: Agie Charmills | (Switzerland)
EDM Wire Cut | Main Supplier: AGIE | (Switzerland)
Milling | Main Supplier: Bridgetport/Hardinge | (USA/UK)
CAD/CAM | Main Supplier: Many | (USA/UK/I/D)
Grinding Machine | Main Supplier: Jones & Schipman | (UK)
EDM Hole Drilling | Main Supplier: Agie Charmills | (Switzerland)
Heat Treatment | Main Supplier: Gfac | (Italy)
Hardness | Main Supplier: Galileo | (Italy)
Lathe | Main Supplier: Schaublin | (Switzerland)
Milling | Main Supplier: Deckel Maho | (Germany)
Diamond Polishing | Main Supplier: Minitor | (Japan)
EDM Die Sinking | Main Supplier: ONA | (Spain)

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