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2016- 2017: THE EVOLUTION

The Contemporary Factory, Milano, Italy
Innovation is in our DNA and our customers are always chasing it. They are increasingly numerous, demanding, hungry for optical solutions from Khatod. So Khatod has made its choice. 
Since January 2016, we have expanded our facilities at all levels.
The newest industrial complex – 28,700 sqm of advanced technology - is at disposal of anyone who has ambitious new projects to realize, or is looking for ready-to-use solutions as efficient as custom-made optical solutions
• As a real frontrunner in LED lighting solutions, Khatod offers the opportunity to use its in-depth optical, technical and mechanical know-how, by making available its longstanding practical experience. 
• As a fully integrated company, you can rely on a comprehensive service, from initial design to the final product.  

Early 2000s: GOING FURTHER – Milano, Italy

Khatod starts its specialization in the engineering and manufacturing of Secondary Optics for Solid State Lighting: from lenses for the first generation of LED Lighting applications up to the latest cutting-edge optical solutions, boasting advanced optical engineering, rising to the challenge and matching the more and more sophisticated and demanding applications in LED Lighting.

1985:  FOUNDATION – Milano, Italy

Khatod was born as Manufacturer of Optical Components by Injection Molding: optoelectronic devices for automotive, military, household appliance applications; lenses for industrial applications.

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