Company: Mission, Vision, Strategy, Strength


To grow and create value by supplying innovative products and services for maximum customer satisfaction. To fulfill this task, we have focused on some essential key points: Values, Vision, Strategy, Strength.

  • Capability to create efficient, competitive superior optical solutions thanks to our industrial and technological know-how, resources, projects, targets and ambitions
  • Core principles of leadership in leading change
  • Embrace and relish competition and constantly strive for the very best
  • Integrity, transparency, respect, rigor, reliability and passion


Born to innovate. Committed to sustainable development.
Khatod newest Headquarter is the best response to the ever-growing demand for our products, our technology and our expertise in LED Lighting. This has implied a considerable growth.


Our strategy is guided by our vision and defines the aspects of our business necessary to supply high quality products that anticipate and meet the new requirements posed by the ever-evolving LED Industry.

  • The best optical solution for every application. A wide range of products delivers the flexibility to pick the one that will perform best for your application
  • Easy to use. Intuitive-user optical systems make it easy and fast to configure the final application and speed time to market
  • Satisfy the customer and minimize his engineering and application costs. In few words, add value to the optical solutions without adding to the customer’s costs. Khatod systems make it easy to generate individual optical solutions for each customer
  • Fast, smart, reliable. Powerful equipments and sharp know-how provide fast, accurate and reliable solutions to help meeting the customers’ requirements and yield targets
  • Worldwide support. Extensive on-line information and literature, iges and eulumdat files downloadable from our website. Khatod takes parts in world exhibitions and conferences of the lighting industry; maintains corporate offices with stock on site around the world. Customers are supported wherever they are located


We can rely on first-class human resources who produce know-how, capabilities, creativity, intelligence. The result is the highest in technology, the easiest in usability, the most efficient in LED lighting, the most cost-effective in business.

  • Intellectual Property
    - 10+ Patents issued or pending in Europe, USA, China; 100+ EP Designs issued
    - Equipments, Software, Tooling, Technologies of latest generation
  • Largest team of R&D Engineers
    23% of employees are engineers
  • Continuous innovation
    Ensures that our optics and optical systems keep pace with the latest advances in Solid State Lighting. 
    - Scientific research and development
    -  Specialized engineering
    -  High-Tech software and equipments for R&D, Production, Quality, Services
    -  Superior raw materials: PMMA, PMMI, PC, ULTRA-CLEAR SILICONE (LSR) specific for optical mechanical and technical properties
    -  Testing and Experimentations 
  • High project potential. Khatod optical systems have the widest range of advanced optical Solutions.
    - Specialized engineering for optical and mechanical projects and developments 
    - Molds and Tooling design and fabrication 
    - High-Tech software and equipments
  • Application knowledge. Over three decades of hands-on experience with the toughest challenges in making lenses in a wide range of applications and environments guarantee our customers the certainty to rely on a top product

Our Factory

Khatod is an Italian fully integrated Factory, able to provide a full service that combines all of the manufacturing processes, from initial design to production, as well as a proven capability to develop custom optics.

  • Continuous scientific research and development
  • Specialized engineering for optical and mechanical projects and developments
  • High-Tech software and equipments for R&D, Production, Quality, Services
  • Moulds and Tooling Fabrication
  • Injecting machines - 25 to 650 tons
  • Cold injection-molding machinery specific for the silicone molding process
  • Superior quality polymers specific for optical, mechanical, and technical properties
  • Vacuum treatment plant
  • 150 sqm dark room provided with high-tech photo-goniometer for accurate light measurements
  • Laboratories and testing rooms over an area of 600sqm, including temperature room (-86°C + 55°C) and testing and experimentations room; outdoor testing area, specific for physical tests of street light and outdoor LED Lighting applications
  • Laser stations; packaging systems; vacuum plants for plastic polymers feeding; computerized systems for water and air controlling and managing
  • 3D inspection - quality control system
  • Automated packaging system

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